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Spooky animal encounters in Sydney this Halloween

Celebrate Halloween this year with some fang-tastic fun at WILD LIFE Sydney

Are you looking for some spooky activities to do in Sydney to celebrate Halloween this year? Come down to WILD LIFE Sydney and encounter some of our creepiest animals.

As the Tasmanian Devil howls and the Bush-stone Curlew releases her ghostly wail, the clock strikes midnight; the cobwebs descend and the night creatures awaken.... Halloween has descended on WILD LIFE Sydney. 

Wails, Howls & Growls


Bush-stone Curlew

Was that the wailing woman? No, that was Noname our Bush-stone Curlew. During breeding season these Australian birds release a spine-curling wail as a warning to keep others away from their territory. As a nocturnal species, they are most active at night. Meaning if you are creeping through the bush this Halloween and hear the ghostly scream, you may have entered their territory. 

*Can be found in Kangaroo Walkabout 

The "Spookiest" Creatures

Funnel Web

Funnel Web Spiders

As you step outside Halloween morning, you may notice the ghostly, white webs covering the ground. These irregular 'trip-lines' cover the entrance to the Funnel Web Spiders burrow beneath. Made of silk, these webs act as an early warning system for the Spider waiting just inside the dark entrance. When a beetle, cockroach, or small insect walks across the lines, the Funnel Web Spider will sense the vibrations and quickly spring out and trap it's prey. 

*Can be found at the Treehouse 

SLS Trickstreats EDM 600X600

Tricks & Treats at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

NEW for 2022! Dive into the spooky SEAson at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, where you can forget the tricks because it’s all about the treats this Halloween! With spooktacular activities along the way, there’s plenty of spine-tingling fun for the whole family. PLUS, keep an eye out for some special treats which can be found along your Halloween adventure.
Trick and Treats event runs from 24th – 31st October. Book your tickets today!

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