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At WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Face Your Fears Spider

Native Aussie Spiders

Got the creepy crawlies? You're not alone! Arachnophobia, or a fear of spiders and other arachnids, is one of the most common phobias in the world. Unfortunately for these sufferers, spiders are abundant and wide spread around the world, and despite being small, their presence is often shown through their amazing webs.

Redback Spider

Red-back spider

The infamous Red-back spider is found Australia wide. These spiders use an intricate design to build their web, constructed purposefully to capture small crawling animals. We feed our Red-back spiders insects such as crickets. They have an unusual life cycle, with the males usually eaten by the females after mating.

Funnel Web

Sydney Funnel-web spider

The Sydney Funnel-web spider is the world’s most dangerous spider. As their fangs point down their body, they have to rear up to be able to inject their venom. They live in dark and damp habitats and are often found under objects lying flat on the ground such as rocks, leaves and bark.