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Tasmanian Devils

Discover our Tassie Devils' Den

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Learn about Tasmanian Devils

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is home to 4 Tasmanian Devils: Mirrin, Dharra, Nara & Bluey. Devils play an incredibly important role in their environment as a predator regulating the food chain and a scavenger removing dead animals from the landscape. As their name suggests they are found all throughout Tasmania across a variety of environments. Their ‘Den’ refers to the underground burrows they sleep in which are typically located in dense vegetation, thick grass or caves. Devils are very loyal to their dens, often staying in the same place for life.

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Devil's Den

Are you willing to enter the Devil's Den? With a bigger enclosure, new interactives and a new photo wall get closer than ever before. We also have brand new Tasmanian Devil keeper talks - learn all about these special creatures that call Australia home. 

Tassie Devil

Did you know?

Tasmanian devils are nocturnal, spending the day in their dens. They are carnivorous marsupials, so they mainly rely on scavenging on insects, birds and small mammals.
Unfortunately, Tasmanian devils are endangered largely due to their susceptibility to a contagious facial tumour disease that inhibits their ability to conduct daily tasks necessary for survival, such as eating and drinking.

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WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is proud to be a part of multiple conservation programs which help preserve the future populations of our animals and their habitats. Unfortunately the Tasmanian devil is endangered due to a 90% population decline over the last 30 years. This is mostly attributed to a contagious and always fatal cancer called Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). Our Tasmanian devils are part of a coordinated breeding program that runs across zoos to help maintain the devil population.

Tasmanian Devils

Watch our Tasmanian Devils' Visual Pouch Training!

Our Keepers are training our Tasmanian Devils to allow them to check their pouch and make sure there are no mammary gland tumors - often found in older Tasmanian Devils. Dharra and Mirrin are still young but training them now will mean that they will become increasingly comfortable with our keepers checking their pouch.

PLUS learn some cool facts about these beautiful animals.

Tassie Devil Dharra In The Snow 5 WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

First Snowfall For Double The Devils

It was a winter wonderland for our Tasmanian Devils, as we welcomed the start of the Winter school holidays.