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Diamond Python 4

Diamond Python

The Diamond Python is a medium to large snake found in coastal areas and adjacent ranges of south-eastern Australia. Diamond Pythons are quite variable in colour and pattern, typically being dark olive to black in colour. Along the body and tail are clusters of yellow or cream scales that form ‘rosettes’ that look a bit like diamonds – hence their common name ‘Diamond Python’.

Eastern Brown Snake

Eastern Brown Snake

The Eastern Brown Snake is probably the most frequently encountered venomous snake in Eastern Australia, and is considered the World’s second deadliest snake.

Agricultural areas are often a haven for invasive rats and mice that damage crops. Eastern browns have capitalised upon this abundant food source and are often considered beneficial by many farmers as great pest control!

Diamond Python WILDLIFE

Snake Safe Tips

  • Leave the snake alone! Remember snakes are shy and generally will not attack unless provoked, so try and give the snake space
  • If you spot a snake while you’re in the bush, it’s important to understand that this is their backyard and it is best to just leave them be!
  • If you spot a snake in your home, try and stay calm, remove all family members and pets from the room, shut the door, and fill the gap under the door with a towel. Then contact a local, licensed snake or animal handler and will be able to remove it safely.