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Meet our mob

  • WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, Aussie Big 5
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Kangaroo Island Kangaroos

Kangaroo Island Kangaroos are a sub-species of the Western Grey Kangaroo. These kangaroos have a thicker and darker coloured fur, and are well-known for their friendly nature. 

Did you know? Kangaroo tails are so powerful, they can hold their entire body weight while they kick with both hind feet. Kangaroos are the largest members of the Macropod family, macropod meaning large foot.

Meet Dot

Dot was one of the first Kangaroo Island Kangaroos to call WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo home. When she's not hopping around making new friends, she can be found grazing in the shade or eating maize, her favourite meal.


Meet Dusk

Dusk was hand-reared by our keepers. She is very cheeky and loves following our keepers around, especially when they have food. 

Nutmeg 2

Meet Nutmeg

Her shorter (and cute) nose, along with her lighter fur are what differentiates her from our other four kangaroos. Did you know? Kangaroo Island Kangaroos have a thicker and darker coat than some of the kangaroos you'll find in Australia.


Meet Kirby

Kirby is the youngest of the mob. She is Julie's sister and you can recognise her by her tail, which is lighter than the other kangaroos' tail. She also happens to be the most affectionate and treats our keepers with the cutest cuddles.


Meet Julie

Julie is the oldest member of our kangaroo mob. You can recognise her by the little white tuff of fur underneath her left ear.