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Create a Lizard Lounge!

Blotched Blue Tongue Inspects Lizard Lounge WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Lizard Lounge

Help out your lizard friends at home!

All reptiles are ectotherms - meaning they are animals that are dependent on external sources of body heat. To start the day, lizards leave their homes to bask in the sun, warming up before heading off to find food! If you want to help lizards at home - try creating a lizard lounge near a warm rock or hard stone surface. This way they have shelter nearby to hide in the instance a predator comes along! 


Blotched Blue Tongue Inspects Lizard Lounge (2) WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Step by step guide!

Try creating a lizard lounge with stones, rocks, hollow logs, old earthenware pipes or broken terracotta pots! You can see an example of a lizard lounge in our attraction.

Hint 1: Try to ensure that water will not be able to enter the lounge as lizards prefer a dry shelter.

Hint 2: Lizards shed their skin multiple times a year - so make sure to include some rough materials that allows them to rub against and exfoliate!

Hint 3: Add some native plants creating additional habitat and shelter from the elements.

Hooray! You've now created your lizard lounge! Now you can sit back, relax and watch your WILD lizard neighbours enjoy your creation! 

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