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Create a Frog Hotel!

Keeper Leia Cook Places Large Pebbles As The Base Of The Frog Hotel WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Frog Hotel

Help out your frog friends at home!

There are over 200 native frog species in Australia - many of which are threatened. That's why so many Australians are getting behind local frog species and building frog hotels in their backyard creating a safe habitat for them to thrive! 


Keeper Leia Cook Secures PVC Piping (Rooms) For The Frog Hotel WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Step by step guide!

Making a frog hotel is easy! All you need is a container to hold water - this could be a small tub, a bucket, a bowl or even an old pot! You will then need different sized PVC pipes that you can cut and sand the edges, pebbles and gravel to help the pipes stand and water! 

Hint 1: At home, try adding a solar light nearby to attract insects for the frogs to eat!

Hint 2: Adding native plants to your frog hotel can make it look pretty and add additional shelter from the elements!

Hint 3: Only fill up the water only to where the pebbles are to reduce inviting unwanted check-ins at the hotel, in particular mosquitos!

Hooray! You've now created your Frog Hotel! Now you can sit back, relax and watch your WILD frog neighbours enjoy your creation! 

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