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Beat the Heat!

Photo 18 9 2023, 10 02 25 Am

Beat the Heat!

Help out your pets at home!

It's no secret that Australian summers are absolute scorchers! That's why, with the help of our zookeepers, we have come up with a few ways to keep your pets at home cool & entertained! 


WLSZ Beattheheat 6

Step by step guide!

Try keeping your pets cool with a variety of enrichment items!

Hint 1: Try creating them icicles with some of their favourite foods.

Hint 2: Fill up a pool with some pet safe toys that they can splash around in.

Hint 3: Get that backyard hose out and treat them to a cool & refreshing shower.

Hooray! Now your pets can enjoy the summer heat with some awesome enrichment to help them keep cool! 

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