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Indigenous Education Resource

We're giving you the chance to download the digital resource so you can use it during your excursion!

WLS Indigenous Edm 600X338


WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo are thrilled to announce the release of our Indigenous Booklets, which are packed with fascinating information about Aboriginal culture. To make this possible, we teamed up with Wingura, a company based in Sydney that specializes in creating educational content about Aboriginal culture. The team at Wingaru went above and beyond to ensure that the communities whose land the attractions are located on were involved in the creation process. This way, the local communities have control over how their culture is shared, and they can continue to work in a way that is respectful and culturally safe. We're incredibly proud to be part of this initiative and we can't wait for you to get your hands on these amazing booklets!

To make your visit even more enjoyable, we're giving you FREE access to our NEW Indigenous Resource. Learn about the land WILD LIFE Sydney sits on, develop a deeper understanding of our wonderful animals and learn about our amazing local culture.