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Our Quokkas Have Arrived

  • Tuesday 18th February 2014
  • Quokka, Animals


Yet another reason to visit WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Check out this exclusive up-close look at the arrival of three new Quokkas at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo - one of the best attractions in Sydney!

Three male Quokkas join over 1,000 native Australian animals and are also a part of a national Quokka breeding program.

Come down to our great child friendly attraction and experience one of the best days out in Sydney.

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Cutest attraction in Sydney

Quokkas are one of the smallest wallaby species native to Australia. With their brown fur, short fluffy ears and a small tail, they are sure to gain adoration from the zoo's international and local visitors alike.

Quokkas are also vulnerable to extinction in the wild, which is why WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is thrilled to receive these new inividuals as part of a national breeding program.

Once the zoo's Quokkas reach maturity, the keeper team hopes to breed them either here at the zoo or within the wider breeding program to help increase the Quokka population in Australia.