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  • WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, Aussie Big 5
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The platypus belongs to the smallest mammal order in the world; the monotremes or egg-laying mammals. The only other member of this exclusive club is another Australian, the echidna. Found only in eastern Australia, the platypus makes burrows in the steep banks of creeks and rivers and hunts for small prey such as shellfish, fish, tadpoles and insect larvae in deep pools.

Jackie Platypus

Did you know?

The platypus is a very unique animal - when it was first discovered, the scientists that examined it thought it was a hoax! The platypus has a duck-like bill, a beaver-like tail, fur like an otter, webbed feet and it lays eggs! The average female platypus is 43 cm and the average platypus weighs around 1 to 2.4kg. Did you know that the platypus is the state animal of New South Wales?