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Life in Another Light

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium have teamed up to give you an amazing immersive experience within our attractions during the VIVID Sydney Festival.

NEW FOR 2023!



VIVID in Sydney is definitely something you have to see to believe, and this year we're bringing the spirit of VIVID into the heart of our Zoo.

WILD LIFE in another Light

Be the first to see our illuminating new installations, before journeying through the rest of our zoo to discover our native animals!

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium are bringing you a whole new experience during VIVID this year – Life in another light. Using a combination of art and technology, discover new installations where you’re guaranteed a show-stopping day, before you head out into the night. 


Experience our enlightening displays!

Bilbies 2846 Benholgate Night

What else is there to see?

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is home to some of Australia's favourite nocturnal creatures such as our bilby's, sugar gliders, our woma python and more! 

Experience the Australian night like never before and come face-to-face with species that you won't usually see during your daily tasks! 



SLWL Vivid EDM 600X338px
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    • Come experience VIVID at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium this May-June!
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