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First Snowfall on Double the Devils

  • Friday 1st July 2022

Tassie Devil Mirrin And Dharra In The Snow WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Two Young Tasmanian Devils Welcomed to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo’s Refurbished Den

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is thrilled to announce the arrival of two young, endangered Tasmanian Devils, 14 month old sisters, Nara, 3.81kg  and Bluey, 4.38kg; joining 4 year old resident sisters Mirrin and Dharra.

The two new arrivals at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, from Taronga Western Plains Zoo, are a part of the Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) species breeding and populations management program.

Their new home Devils’ Den, has just completed a large scale refurbishment, and now offers double the space, for double the devils to enjoy. New interactive viewing domes invite guests to come eye-to-eye with Australia’s largest carnivorous marsupial.

For some winter themed behavioural enrichment, replicating the chilly conditions of their natural Tasmanian habitat, keepers buried some tasty treats in 200kgs of fresh snow (usually reserved for SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium’s King and Gentoo Penguins).

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo Keeper, Renee Howell said “This is the first time Mirrin and Dharra have seen snow. They were cautious at first, but it was interesting to see their natural behaviours coming through, as they became more confident and explored the snow, looking for food.”

Meanwhile, new residents Nara and Bluey, were fast asleep in their nest box. “They are a little shy, which is what we’d expect to see at first. We look forward to watching them settle into their new WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo family.” Howell concluded.

The snow also heralds the start of the Winter School Holidays, where WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is inviting guests to celebrate some Colourful Creatures including the Tasmanian Devils, Princess the (male) Cassowary and Kofi the Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo.

Guests will journey through 10 interactive zones, to discover the bright range of colours and behaviours present through the unique variety of native Australia animals, whilst following a free activity book.

Tasmanian devils face several challenges in the wild most notably the transmission of Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) which develops rapidly and is fatal. Zoos across Australia including WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo work collaboratively to ensure an insurance population of disease-free and genetically-diverse devils.

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo showcases all the quintessential native Australian animals under one roof. More than a tourism attraction, the dedicated team are highly committed to breeding, conservation and rescue programs.

Tassie Devil Mirrin And Dharra In The Snow 4 WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

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