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Meet our Fluffy Friends

And the world of senses that surround them
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Meet our Fluffy and Feathery Friends

Stimulate your little one’s minds and senses and let them feel, see and hear wildlife through textures, colours and sounds.

It is well documented that sensory experiences amongst the little ones encourage learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity. It helps to build nerve connections in the brain and encourages the development of language and motor skills.

All throughout March, your little ones will be able to experience textures, colours and sounds. Touch and feel feathers, snake skin and kangaroo fur. Smell and see native flowers and plants. Plus hear the sound some of the animals make.

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Meet our Fluffy Koalas

Meet our fluffy koalas and learn about their features, from the texture of their fur to what they like to eat and smell.

Koalas have thick, soft fur. Their ears have long, white hairs on the tips and they have a large, dark, leathery nose and beady eyes.

Did you know? Koala fur is waterproof so it protects them from the rain but also from the hot and harsh Australian sun.

Koalas also have particularly hard bottoms, which enables them to sit (or sleep) comfortably in trees for long periods of time. They essentially have an in-built padded seat!

These fluffy friends can’t see very well, so they rely heavily on their other senses. They have excellent hearing which helps them detect predators and other koalas. They have an acute sense of smell which also helps them detect other koalas and their favourite food trees. The male uses a scent gland on his chest to mark trees and attract females, by rubbing his chest up and down the trunk.

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Our oldest Fluffy Friend Faith celebrated her 16th birthday

Sixteen has never looked as sweet as it does on Faith, our oldest and wisest koala, who celebrated her milestone birthday with her adoring Zoo Keepers.

At 16 years young, Faith is the oldest koala to reside in Darling Harbour. Perhaps it’s the stress-free lifestyle of 18-20 hours of sleep per day or the entirely green diet, but she doesn’t look a day over 12, the average lifespan of her mates in the wild.

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Encounter our Fluffy Mob of Kangaroos

We have five kangaroos at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and they live in our Kangaroo Walkabout exhibit. Their names are Dot, Dusk, Julie, Kirby and Nutmeg. Our kangaroos are Kangaroo Island Kangaroos; they are a sub-species of the Western Grey Kangaroo. All kangaroos have short hair, strong legs (known as hind legs), short arms (known as forelimbs), big feet and a long tail.

Did you know? Kangaroo Island Kangaroos have a thicker and darker coloured fur, and are well-known for their friendly nature.

Contrary to koalas, kangaroos can see very well but only when an object, a person or another animal is moving. They can also hear very well, and they have the ability to move their ears in all directions to pick up sounds.

Ringo With Dirt On Nose

Meet Ringo

Ringo is our bare-nosed common wombat. Wombats have rough hair without an undercoat that some people describe as feeling like a horse. We still think Ringo is our Fluffy Friend though. PLUS he LOVES a good scratch!

Like koalas, wombats also have hard bottoms but whilst koalas use theirs as a comfortable seat, wombats use their hard bottom to defend themselves.

Did you know that wombats produced cube-shaped poo? And you guessed it, it doesn’t smell very nice!


Meet our Fluffy (and feathery) Princess

Our resident cassowary is called Princess. Contrary to what its name suggests, Princess is a boy. Princess is fluffy AND feathery.

Cassowaries are large birds with big bodies and shiny dark feathers. From a distance, they can almost look like hair. These feathers are not designed for flight; instead they protect the cassowary in the rainforest, keeping it dry and safe from the sharp thorns found on many rain forest plants.

Did you know? Princess loves to have showers to cool down in the summer but he doesn't like to get his feet wet above his ankles!

Fun Facts about Tree Kangaroo -  WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Meet our Golden Fluffy Friend

Kofi is a Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo. His fur is orange-brown on most of his body but his face, limbs, feet are more golden.

Although short, his fur feels a bit like wool and therefore is very soft. Like their kangaroo friends, tree kangaroos do not sweat to cool their bodies, rather, they lick the fur on their forearms to lower their body temperature during the warm weather. The evaporation of moisture creates a cooling effect.

Did you know? Our fluffy, blue-eyed adorable creature loves climbing trees and eating boiled eggs.


Our Fluffy Friends can't wait to meet you

Come and meet all our Fluffy Friends this March!

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Kangaroo DOT - the first Kangaroo Island Kangaroos

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