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Where can I see Australian native animals in Sydney?

  • Friday 12th July 2019
  • Animals, Wildlife

Crikey mate! If you’re Down Under, you gotta see some Australian native animals. But where can you see them all at once, while in the heart of the city? WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is home to the legendary Aussie Big 5. These fellas are so famous, they were cartoon characters in a classic Australian kids show in the 90s, called Blinky Bill.



Is it a duck?… Is it an otter?… No – it’s a platypus! These weird-looking little mammals have a superpower. Their long bill detects electric fields from living things, which means they can hunt underwater with their eyes shut! You can find them in Eastern Australia, busy hunting aquatic invertebrates like crayfish, in creeks, rivers and lakes, or meet our platypus pal, Jackie at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.



Kangaroos are the world’s largest hopping animals. With their powerful hind legs, these nifty, furry fellas can reach up to 60km/hr and clear up to 8 metres in a single hop. If threatened, roos can pound the ground, as well as pack a mighty kick. Aussies are so proud of their Kangaroos; they’re on our Coat of Arms. Say hi to Dot, playful Dusk, and our new kangaroos Julie, Nutmeg and Kirby at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.



These sleepy tree huggers are an Australian animal favourite, and for a good reason: they’re pretty awesome! Koalas look like little bears with round ears and body, forward-facing eyes and lack of a tail. However, they’re not bears, they’re marsupials. Koalas snooze up to 18 hours, and chomp on about 400g of eucalyptus leaves every day. Come and meet Sapphire or Alfie. (Psst! Fancy having Breakfast with The Koalas?)



How do you know it’s a wombat? Waddling, short-legged, pudgy-looking furry boulders? That’s the one! Wombats may look slow, but they can run up to 40km/hr and maintain speed for over a minute. They’re also terrific tunnel diggers thanks to their strong feet and long claws. Funny fact: their, um, poop is cube-shaped! Wombats mark their territories by pooping, and it’s thought this shape stops it from rolling away. Well, ain’t nature clever. Ringo the adorable, rescued wombat can be found amongst Wallaby Cliffs at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.


Saltwater Crocodile

Salties are the world’s largest living reptiles and are as old as dinosaurs. Male crocs can measure over 6 metres long, whereas females rarely grow over 3metres and weigh in at around 300kg. They’re also known for their unique ‘death roll;’ spinning their bodies around to drown prey. Another spooky fact: they can sleep with one eye open. That’s right. These crocs can shut one half of their brain, keeping the other half alert to danger. Come face-to-face with Rocky, our massive Saltwater Crocodile here at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.


Of course, the Australian outback has more special critters. There are big-eyed mousey sugar gliders (they’re as cute as they sound) and friendly fuzzball quokkas. Hair-raising spiders and venomous snakes too. WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is a one-stop destination where you can tick off many Australian native animals.