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Our Sugar Gliders Get On The Scale

  • Tuesday 10th August 2021
  • Sugar Gliders

WL Sugar Glider Marmalade

Cuteness overload guaranteed!

At WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, we use positive reinforcement training to encourage voluntary medical procedures or health checks, giving our animals the choice to participate in their own health care. These trained behaviours are important as it significantly decreases the stress that they would otherwise experience if we were to physically restrain them.

Our Sugar Gliders have just been taught to do voluntary weigh-in and you’d be surprised at how ‘big’ they are! Watch our keepers as they weigh these cute little fluff balls:

WL Sugar Glider Marmalade

Fun Facts About Sugar Gliders:

  • Sugar Gliders weigh on average 100g
  • Their life span is usually around 10 to 12 years
  • They are nocturnal animals, so tend to be awake during the night
  • They are omnivores and love sweet food and fruit, such as grapes, melon or paw paw but they also like insects. Meal worms are their favourites!
  • They can glide for up to 50 metres, which is similar to the size of a large swimming pool.