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See Beautiful Autumn Colours in Sydney Here, Plus Wildlife!

  • Wednesday 25th March 2020
  • Wildlife


Autumn in Sydney is simply gorgeous. The skies are deep blue, the sunshine warms without burning, and the falling leaves make deliciously deep, crunchy piles around the base of trees all over the city. It’s true that we’re a mostly evergreen city. Native species tend not to drop their leaves seasonally. However, due to nostalgia or whimsy, we have large areas that sustain ornate plantings of deciduous plants from Europe and America.


Liquid Ambers are on full display in Wahroonga Park, their colourful, hand-sized leaves fluttering gently to the ground. This charming suburb is known for grand homes with landscaped gardens, tennis courts and pools. Local parks were planted with flowers and trees in the English style that was popular at the time. Many deciduous street trees form golden avenues in the autumn. The history is interesting, with locals donating their plants, along with time and labour, to establish the garden, early to mid-last century. Take a stroll through the archways and admire the rose gardens.


Auburn in name, and auburn in nature, when the trees of the Auburn Botanic Gardens turn orange and gold. Wander through the peaceful plantings and circular hedges. Pause for a while to stare at your reflection in the lake beside the Japanese Garden. The Japanese have a word for this – Shinrin-Yoku – the art of forest bathing. Notice the plants, the water and the birdlife. Be thankful for all that nature gives you. It’s proven to relax the mind and slow the heartbeat in a healthy way.

Wild Life

Keep nature at the forefront of your thoughts, because this next stop will get you closer to our wonderful wildlife than you imagined possible. WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo overlooks the waters of Darling Harbour in the CBD, and inside are all kinds of Australian native animals to meet. A wombat with a curious personality. Shy platypus, nimble bilbies, and an enormous Saltwater crocodile. Experience these animals as you would in the wild. This is exciting because many of them are hard to find in nature.

Royal Botanic Gardens, CBD

The Royal Botanic Gardens wrap around the foreshore of the harbour, filled with plant species from all around the world. Observe how different kinds of trees react to the changing season, as you walk leisurely between exhibits. Of all the gardens in Sydney, this is the jewel in the crown, with a cultivation history dating back to the first days of European settlement. The trees today are well-advanced and quite incredible to behold. And, there’s a stunning view down Sydney Harbour. Take a picnic or experience the new Botanic House restaurant, with a menu created by celebrity chef Luke Nguyen.

You may need to look a little harder to find the colours of a Sydney Autumn, but the gold is there for those who seek it. Enjoy your discoveries, and don’t forget to run with wild abandon through those big piles of crunchy leaves!