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The Dangerous and Deadly – Edition #2

12 Aug 2014 16:57:28

The Dangerous and Deadly – Edition #2

Diamond Python - Morelia Spilota Spilota

Where do they live?

Woodland and forest of eastern New South Wales and NE Victoria.

What is their status?

Least concern

How big do they get?

Up to 3.0 metres

How long do they live?

Pythons have been known to live 20-30 years in captivity

WILD Facts

- Their diamond pattern and colouration breaks up outline and helps them camouflage with their environment.

- Diamond pythons often take up residence in the roof spaces of private houses. Many people are not keen on having such house guests! However, the snakes carry out a very beneficial task of eliminating any unwanted rodent pests. Once the food supply has been exhausted, the snakes will often move on to help out another home!

- They are popular pets and captive bred animals are generally tame and easily handled.

What's on in Sydney?

At WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo there are two Diamond Pythons on display in Gum Tree Valley.