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WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

1-5 Wheat Road Darling Harbour

Sydney 2000

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Thursdays - Mondays, 10am - 4pm (Last entry 3pm)
Wildlife Sydney

The Dangerous and Deadly – Edition #1

12 Aug 2014 14:59:29

The Dangerous and Deadly – Edition #1

Green Tree Python - Chondropython viridis

Where do they live?

Rainforest of NE Queensland and New Guinea

What is their status?

Least concern

How big do they get?

Hatchlings 30cm, males up to 1m, females up to 1.3m

What do they eat?

Mainly mammals but birds and reptiles may also be taken. Juveniles eat mostly frogs and lizards

How big do they get?

In captivity pythons have been known to live 20-30 years

How long do they live?

Pythons in captivity can live 20 -30 years

WILD Facts

- Adults are lime green and occasionally blue and juveniles are usually vivid yellow, red or brown! The colour change occurs at about a year, imagine only changing your clothes once in your lifetime!

- They wiggle their tail, which is a different colour to the rest of their body, like a worm to lure prey in to then striking once within range. This behaviour is known as caudal luring.

- This species is arguably Australia's most beautiful. This presents a great opportunity to try and breakdown barriers of hatred toward snakes and hopefully generates interest and awareness for snakes ecological importance and elegant beauty.

What's on in Sydney?

At WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo we have two adult Green Tree Pythons on display, one male and one female.