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WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

1-5 Wheat Road Darling Harbour

Sydney 2000

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Thursdays - Mondays, 10am - 4pm (Last entry 3pm)
Wildlife Sydney

28 Jan 2020 12:20:49

Only in Australia Moments: Unique Experiences To Tick Off Bucket List

Down Under is one special place. It’s full of cute and quirky animal adventures! From having breakfast with the Koalas to capturing hilarious selfies, these are the kinds of unique experiences to tick off your Australia bucket list. Some pictures are shared via Tourism Australia’s awesome ‘Only in Australia’ project. We’ve also added amazing moments of our own.

When a Roo Crashes Your Wedding

Is it a giant rabbit? A hopping deer? No, it’s a kangaroo! And no, we don’t ride roos to school or keep them as pets in our yards! But you can see these magnificent wild creatures roam, jump and glide across the outback; from forests to vineyards and beaches. See if you can spot an adorable joey (baby roo) popping its little head out of mama’s pouch.

When you Look up and see ‘Tree-Bears’

Australia has so many national parks to explore. NSW alone has five million hectares of it! That’s why a favourite pastime for many locals is bushwalking. If you’re in luck, you’ll spot a fluffy grey bear-like creature wrapped around a tree branch, chewing on gum leaves or sleeping (they love to sleep!). Hello, mister koala!

When an Echidna Takes in a Sunset

OK, so you might have epic sundown views on your Australia bucket list. But isn’t it twice as good when you share it with a sharp little fella? Or with native birds as they wildly sing and soar above your head. That’s Australia for you.

When Your Selfie Gets Photobombed

Why, g’day there, mate! Who doesn’t love an animal selfie? Especially when it’s a warm smile from a roo, a dozy grin from a koala or a cheeky beam from a quokka, arguably Australia’s most photogenic animal.

When You’re Having Brekky With Koalas

Seriously. Your favourite – eggs, toast and great coffee (plus more scrumptious stuff) with cute koalas in the background, cosying it up amongst gumtrees. That’s pretty unique. And you can do that daily at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.

When you Meet Australia’s Favourite Animals

That’s right; you can see all of them at the world-class WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo; an Australian outback experience in the heart of the city. Here, you’re guaranteed sights of the country’s most unique array of animals. Tick off the iconic ‘Aussie Big 5’. See energetic roos hop about, a huge Saltwater Crocodile reveal his toothy grin and a wombat getting in his daily scratches. Don’t forget about our Platypus Pals and the ‘no worries’ life of a Koala.

Walking through WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, colours change from dry, dusty orange to vivid tropical shades. Amid the attractions’ very own Daintree Rainforest, spot mesmerising dancing butterflies and slithering pythons. River turtles, cassowaries, yellow-bellied gliders, Tasmanian devils, wallabies – there are just so many more unique characters to meet.  

As you probably guessed, biodiversity plays a huge role in Australia’s national identity. At WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, you can deepen your Down Under experience by learning about the important conservation work that goes on behind-the-scenes. It’s one of the best unique experiences to tick off.



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