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WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

1-5 Wheat Road Darling Harbour

Sydney 2000

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Wildlife Sydney

How to: Survive Summer in Australia

12 Dec 2014 14:23:38

How to: Survive Summer in Australia

The Australian Summer is one of the hottest and most intense summers in the world. When the temperature rises and the sun sizzles the Aussie locals use their creativity and get innovative in order to keep cool and calm - we have a strong reputation of "laid back" to uphold!

Your WILD Guide to Summer

Strip down to the bare minimum, sit in the air conditioning (duh!), lay by the beach taking the occasional dip and eat ice cream often. That's what the staff here at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo like to say anyway! It seems that Australians have learnt from native Aussie animals on how to be relaxed when things get hot.

Ringo is Weather Ready

Ringo knows how to get weather ready - when it gets too hot to handle Ringo (who is already stripped to the minimum) gets out of his exhibit and goes for a stroll in the air conditioning of WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. Cool off these school holidays in our all-weather attraction and you might cross paths with Ringo!

Princess the Southern Cassowary

Princess, along with our koalas and other Aussie animals, loves to take the occasional dip in the 40 degree heat. By popular request, our sprinkler systems get a super workout on the hottest days of the year when they are transformed into animal showers!

Cool Off Quokka!

Darling Harbour has its fair share of things to do, but more importantly, it boasts many places to acquire an ice cream! Koala Rooftop is your one stop shop for all things tasty and cold but on the way to Koala Rooftop visit Davey the Quokka in Kangaroo Walkabout where you'll see his first choice for keeping cool. A frozen veggie block is Davey's favourite way to keep cool... we know what we would prefer!

Go WILD in the city these school holidays and keep cool at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo!

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