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WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

1-5 Wheat Road Darling Harbour

Sydney 2000

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Wildlife Sydney

Big Ronny weighs in for winter

31 May 2016 14:51:16

Big Ronny weighs in for winter

Our largest snake Big Ronny stepped up to the scales for his pre-winter health check, tipping the scales at a whopping 26 kilograms! With the help of four of our keepers, Big Ronny was extended to his full five-metre length and weighed using four separate scales with one keeper on each scale.

Since Big Ronny's last weigh in just under 12-months ago, the 19 year old has gained a modest 1.7 kilograms, going from 24.3 kilograms to 26 kilograms, a healthy weight for a snake that age.

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo keeper, Michael Craig, said keepers were thrilled with the results from Big Ronny's health check and he passed his check-up with flying colours.

"Scrub Pythons are known for their mammoth size and powerful bodies and Big Ronny is no exception. Weighing in at 26 kilograms and just under five-metres in length, Big Ronny is a prime example of how large Scrub Pythons can be," said Mr Craig.

"Due to his large frame, health checks like these are not an easy feat to pull off; however they are important to help track his progress, particularly as we head into winter to ensure he stays in tip top shape."

Traditionally found in rainforest and woodland areas of North-East Queensland, Scrub Pythons are Australia's largest species of snake and can grow up to 8.5 metres in length and weigh over 30 kilograms.

Operating daily from noon til 4pm, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo provides guests with the chance to meet and hold the attraction's smaller snakes including Woma and Diamond pythons, as part of the attraction's Python Encounter experience.

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