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Visiting The Best Australian Outback Destinations

  • Friday 17th January 2020
  • Outback, Experiences

WLSZ Kang 30

The outback is an expansive, rugged and magical place. An endless, varied terrain; from tropical pockets to desert stretches. Experience little bites of the outback: the iconic spots, eccentric characters, incredible beauty and the jaw-dropping vastness. Here are some places where you can get a great taste of the outback. 

The Kimberley

Dazzling waterways, towering gorges, natural swimming holes and ancient rock formations. A massive, isolated area with loads to see; catch a stellar sunset in Broome, while riding a camel, and see the landscape and colours change. Drive the Gibb River Road; a 660km track that takes you from Derby in the west coast to the border town of Kununurra. Behold the Bungle Bungles, snorkel and spend time in the Dampier Peninsula’s local communities. Show the kids the unbelievable dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume; dating back 130-million years.


As the most famous outback icon, this beautiful, awe-inspiring monolith sits near Australia’s centre. See the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park from the air or on foot; discover wildlife and immerse yourself in the ancient culture of the Anangu people. As traditional custodians of Uluru, their history dates back 22,000 years. Treat yourself to the once-in-a-lifetime experience of sleeping under the infinite stars in five-star luxury. With the shifting light, this mesmerising monolith is an ever-changing scene.

Flinders Ranges

This Mars-like landscape is made up of imposing cliffs and cavernous craters, edging red roads. Drive the Aboriginal Dreaming Trail, visit the expansive natural amphitheatre of Wilpena Pound and see a dazzling display of stars. Just five hours drive from Adelaide, this is an accessible piece of the outback with age-old mountain ranges and secluded creeks. From thermal springs to abundant Aboriginal culture – this is where the scenery shines.

Coober Pedy

Mostly underground, this outback town is rich with history, intrigue and opal-mining. To get away from the intense heat, locals take to their ‘dugouts.’ Have a drink in the bar in the Desert Cave, and check out the underground museums and churches. Delve into the home of opals, since 1915, and discover how these stunning gems are excavated at Tom’s Working Opal Mine. Don’t miss sunrise or sunset, from the Arckaringa homestead; see the Painted Desert – an ancient Inland Sea bed, with slopes and shapes in orange, brown, red, yellow and white.

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Experience the outback in the heart of the city. At WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, get a taste of the creatures who call the outback home. Covering a large area, the outback is split into different climatic belts; from tropical to arid, semi-arid and temperate.

For a taste of outback animals, you can see Kangaroos, Dot, Dawn and Dusk. These Kangaroo Island Kangaroos are a sub-species of the Western Grey. With thicker, darker hair and a friendly demeanour, they’re similar to their outback cousins. Meet Rocky, the massive Saltwater Crocodile. As the largest reptile in the world, they can grow to over 6-metres in length and weigh-in at 1,200 kilograms – whoa! Learn all about these animals and their habitats at the feed and talks.