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The best 5-day Sydney itinerary for nature lovers

  • Wednesday 19th February 2020
  • Wildlife

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The ultimate Sydney itinerary: 5 days of Sydney nature adventures!

Day 1: The Eastern Suburbs – Bondi to Coogee walk

This walk is an absolute stunner, taking you across high hillsides, down to water level. Meander through sunny coves, where the jewel-blue ocean splashes against golden honeycomb cliffs. Loop around headlands and parkland, skirting the concrete edges of the Eastern suburbs and contemplate the bold colours of the scenery. Stop off for a dip at any one of the beaches along the way. If you’re lucky, spot whales in winter, sculptures in spring and enjoy a swim in summer. This is Sydney’s most notorious beauty playground.

Day 2: The Northern Suburbs – Manly to Spit walk

Starting at The Spit, cross the historic Swing Bridge and head up along the cliff line. The walk steers you past powdery white harbour beaches, as the harbour opens out beside you. You might see fleets of yachts racing down the main channel, their white sails a crisp contrast to the dazzling sparkle of the water. Much of the walk is through the Sydney Harbour National Park. Pack snacks and water to supply you until the end, and take any rubbish with you. Once you reach Manly, cool your weary feet in the surf.

Day 3: The Blue Mountains

Just over an hour’s drive (or train ride) to the west, the bushland has iconic charm; an ancient, almost mystical air. Or, it could just be another fog rolling in from the valley! Weather in the Blue Mountains is highly unpredictable and can be significantly hotter or colder than the surrounding regions. Check the forecast before hiking and download the ‘Fires Near Me’ app, to give you alerts about local fires. For breathtaking lookouts, try the less crowded Narrow Neck, Cahill’s Lookout or Govetts Leap at Blackheath.

Day 4: Nature’s Trifecta!

This experience puts you in the heart of the city, for a native flora and fauna adventure. Start at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, to become acquainted with local aquatic life. From seahorses to stingrays, the most exciting harbour inhabitants are on display. The big sharks are always a favourite – you can even dive with them! Next door is WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, where you’ll see Tassie devils and real-life platypuses up close. Prepare for cuteness overload as you meet the echidnas: Australia’s spiny superstars. Afterwards, stroll around to the Royal Botanic Gardens, where thousands of native plant species thrive. Highlights include the enormous Port Jackson Figs and the world-famous ‘dinosaur tree:’ the Wollemi Pine.

Day 5: Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay

Take the ferry to Watsons Bay, and walk to the historic Hornby Lighthouse, a great place to see dolphins and whales in winter. On your return journey to Circular Quay, watch for seagulls flying alongside the ferry, ready to pounce on fish disturbed by the boat’s bow wave. Back on land, wander the city parks spotting Rainbow Lorikeets, White Ibis, and a Sydney favourite – the Grey-Headed Flying Fox! For the best view of these ‘puppies with wings,’ head to the top of Sydney Tower Eye, over 150 metres high! As the sun sets, you’ll see hundreds of bats arriving for their evening feed of figs.