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A Birthday Celebration Fit for a Princess!

  • Saturday 4th September 2021
  • Cassowary, Birthday

WL Cassowary With Bag And Cake 2

Given Princess has been missing his usual interaction with guests and enjoys nothing more than being spoiled, his birthday was the perfect opportunity for our keepers to throw him a surprise lockdown party with all the trimmings, including his favourite treats and even a gift to unwrap!

Princess, who was mistaken for a female before a DNA test proved otherwise, lives up to his name with his high-maintenance personality. Princess hates getting his feet wet, even though most Cassowaries love water and he refuses to eat grapes with seeds in them.

“We know Princess is a very picky eater, so we made sure his birthday cake was made up of his favourite foods; watermelon, tomatoes and of course red SEEDLESS grapes,” said Renee Howell, keeper at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.

Princess, who is now entering into his young adult years gobbled up his brightly coloured birthday cake and enjoyed unwrapping a special present of his favourite food, boiled eggs.

“The keepers are excited to celebrate Princess turning 20 as he is an important ambassador for his species, inspiring the public and helping them understand the threats facing his wild relatives and what they can do to help protect them,” said Renee.

Joined by his furry friend Laf, the Red-legged Pademelon, Princess enjoyed his birthday celebrations which are part of ongoing enrichment activities provided by our keepers.

WL Cassowary Looking At Birthday Bag