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Platypus have arrived!

  • Wednesday 17th February 2016
  • Animals, Platypus

Platypus 2

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our two Platypuses Jackie and Zoey. These two little guys have been spending the past two weeks settling in to their new home, exploring the bounderies of their exhibit which you can find just after you pass Rex, our saltwater crocodile.

The platypus, *Ornithorhynchus anatinus*, belongs to the smallest mammal order in the world, the monotremes, or egg-laying mammals. The only other member of this exclusive club is another Australian, the echidna.

Found only in eastern Australia, the platypus makes burrows in the steep banks of creeks and rivers and hunts for small prey such as shellfish, fish, tadpoles and insect larvae in deep pools.

Though the platypus can cope with conditions ranging from the humid heat of north-east Queensland to the snowy winters of Tasmania, this shy, protected animal is at risk from predators such as goannas, snakes, eagles, eels and feral animals, as well as destruction of its habitat, water pollution and illegal fishing nets.

Our two Platypus are of a mature age. Jackie is almost 12 and our dear Zoey is headed for an almost record breaking 20 years of age!

Make a trip to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo today to visit these gorgeous mammals!