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Sixteen never looked so sweet… and fluffy!

  • Thursday 25th February 2021
  • Koala

Faith Resting Before Her Cake

Sixteen has never looked as sweet as it does on Faith, our oldest and wisest koala, who celebrated her milestone birthday this morning with her adoring Zoo Keepers.

The birthday girl slept through most of her Sweet 16 festivities on the zoo’s Koala Rooftop and only raised an eyelid as ZooKeepers sang the last line of the birthday song over a specially made Eucalyptus Ice Cake. She fell back into a peaceful siesta shortly after.

At 16 years young, Faith is the oldest koala to reside in Darling Harbour. Perhaps it’s the stress-free lifestyle of 18-20 hours of sleep per day or the entirely green diet, but she doesn’t look a day over 12, the average lifespan of her mates in the wild.

“We can’t believe Faith is already 16 years old!” said Ashley Wombey, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo Head Keeper. “She is doing really well for an older girl and we hope to celebrate more birthdays with her in the coming years.” 

Faith Laying On A Branch

Faith first arrived at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo in 2006 from Hamilton Island. Over the course of her residency, she became a mother, grandmother, and a great grandmother – her grandbabies include last year’s joeys Ilani, Jasper and Sapphire!

In her mature years, Faith enjoys getting her beauty sleep on treetops. She is big on personal space and will confidently vocalise her displeasure at fellow koalas attempting to approach her. 

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