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New South Wales & Queensland Flood Relief

  • Thursday 3rd March 2022

Nsw Floods

Our hearts are breaking for all the people and communities that have been affected by the floods. At Merlin we are committed to doing all that we can to support those affected during this difficult time. We have partnered with Tribal Warrior, a locally based indigenous community. Tribal Warrior have been and will continue to run a good’s drive for local indigenous communities who have been devastated by the floods.

We have set up a donation drop-off point at the admissions desks at the front of our Darling Harbour attractions.

No donation is too small. All the items listed below are in short supply within the affected communities and will be greatly appreciated. A can of food or a tube of toothpaste will go a long way.





Clothing (all sizes, good, clean conditions) Bottled water  Baby Bottles Body wash
Shoes (all sizes, good working condition) Canned meat (tuna, salmon, chicken, spam etc) Sterile teats Deodorant 
Gumboots are highly needed! Rice Formula  Toothbrush
Blankets  Pasta Nappies (all sizes) Toothpaste
Toilet Paper Packaged lentils & beans Wipes (fragrance-free preferably but anything is greatly appreciated) Sunscreen
Torches Canned vegetables Baby powder, nappy rash cream etc. Insect repellant




Spreads (peanut butter, vegemite, honey etc.)    

Sturdy gloves

Tea & coffee    

First aid kit 

Long-life milk     

Sanitary items (pads, tampons etc.)



Baked beans & spaghetti    

Hand sanitiser 

Soup packs, noodles, packet pasta etc.    

Battery operated radio 

Muesli & cereal bars     

Portable chargers 

Up & Go's    


Manual can opener