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Easter Bilby Feast

  • Thursday 5th April 2012

These holidays here at WILD LIFE Sydney, we are trying to raise awareness and support for bilbies.

The Greater Bilby once occupied around 70% of the Australian mainland, stretching from the Great Dividing range to the West Australian coast. Sadly, since European settlement, it has disappeared from around 80% of its former range, and is now one of Australia's most threated animals.

These holidays, we are aiming to make people aware of the Bilby, and support the work of Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC). We have numerous donation points, as well as donating a portion of all sales of Chocolate Easter Bilbies to AWC.

AWC is working at sanctuaries across Australia to implement a range of programs to recover endangered species populations. Wild Bilbies are being actively managed for conservation by AWC at places like Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary in outback NSW.

Come on down to WILD LIFE Sydney these holidays to have a photo with Binda the Bilby, get some Bilby Ears, and learn more about these Easter icons.