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New beautiful 3-year-old Tassie Devil settles at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

  • Wednesday 13th January 2021
  • Tasmanian Devil, Conservation

Dharra The Tasmanian Devil 10

There’s a new Aussie icon in town and she’s already turning heads at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo with her thick coat of black fur, big brown eyes and baby bear like demeanour - meet Dharra the Tasmanian Devil

Dharra the Tasmanian Devil travelled five hours from Dubbo to her new home in Darling Harbour where she has an important role in educating locals of the delicate state of Tasmanian Devils in the wild.

Dharra is one of only 20,000 endangered Tasmanian Devils left in the world. Population rates of the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial have been on a rapid decline since mid-1990s due to a facial tumour disease. The rare cancer is contagious and can kill a Tasmanian Devil up to six months after the first lump forms around the mouth and head.

Dharra The Tasmanian Devil 9

The beautiful three-year-old Tassie Devil spent her first few weeks in quarantine before meeting her new habitat-mate Bub in the zoo’s Tassie Devil’s Den. Less than one week later, Zoo Keepers say she is very active in her new space and seems comfortable in the new environment and with her new friend.

“We’re really excited to have Dharra join us here at the zoo and to be able to give Bub a new mate to roam around with in the Tassie Devil’s Den,” said Melanie Higgins, Zoo Keeper at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. “She’s a lot younger than Bub, but the two are getting along really well and even enjoying naps together.”

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