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Devil's Den

The exciting Tasmanian Devil exhibit features Bub and Topsy the Tassie Devils, at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo!

Topsy Devil Inline

Devil's Den is home to Topsy and Bub the Tasmanian Devils.

Topsy is a young female Tasmanian Devil who arrived at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo in August 2014. Find out more about her below.

What's for dinner

Devils are not fussy eaters, devouring almost anything they can catch. They are also quite happy to scavenge on dead animals…after all it's much easier to catch. There are no left overs at a devil meal they will even consume bones!

Devils play an incredibly important role in their environment as a predator regulating the food chain and a scavenger removing dead animals from the landscape.

Devils under threat

The Tasmanian devil is endangered and the species' biggest threat is Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). Since the first cases were spotted in the mid-1990s, the wild devil population has been decimated by this fatal cancer, which is spread through biting and scratching. More than 95% of the population in certain areas has been wiped out by DFTD and the Tasmanian devil is facing the very real threat of extinction in the wild.

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Topsy, our new resident
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