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WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

1-5 Wheat Road Darling Harbour

Sydney 2000

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Open Times

Open daily, 10am-4pm (Last entry 3pm)
Wildlife Sydney

Along the way you’ll encounter some of the world’s most exciting animals, including cute koalas, daring Tasmanian devils, beautiful birds, deadly snakes and much, much more.


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Hop on in...

Kangaroo Walkabout showcases Kangaroo Island kangaroos, a quokka, an emu and princess parrots. Find out more about our famous Kangaroo Island kangaroos Dot, Dusk, Tabby, Nutmeg, Kirby and Julie; Milo the Emu and our cheeky Quokka, Davey.

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Kangaroos
  • Emu
  • Quokka

Head to Tasmania in

Devil’s Den

Devil’s Den is home to Bub the Tasmanian Devil. Bub serves as an ambassador to her species that is critically endangered. Make sure you check out the Tasmanian Devil Den to learn more about our devil – you may even get to see her have lunch!

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Tasmanian Devil

On our own doorstep

Gumtree Valley

Nothing says ‘Australia’ like the distinctive eucalyptus smell of gum trees. You can find these amazing trees all along Australia's East Coast, and especially here in New South Wales. You can also see them here at our Gumtree Valley where our famous koala’s can be seen lazing about and munching away on Eucalyptus leaves.

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Koalas

Meet Ringo

Wallaby Cliffs

Home to some of the toughest Australian animals, Wallaby Cliffs main residents include yellow footed rock wallabies like Myrtle, a bare nosed wombat named Ringo, blue tongue lizards and kookaburras.

At a Glance

Some of the animals you will see here...

  • Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies
  • Ringo the wombat

The world's deadliest bird...

Daintree Rainforest

If you really want to get close to Australia's animals, lose yourself in WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo's replication of Queensland's beautiful Daintree Rainforest. This habitat is home to Princess the cassowary, our family of pademelons, Boyd's forest dragon, carpet python, broad-shelled river turtle and many more!

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Southern Cassowary
  • Pademelon
  • Plumed Whistling Ducks

Enter if you dare...

Kakadu Gorge

Enter the daring world of Kakadu Gorge and come face to face with a huge saltwater crocodile. Through on-site fast facts and conservation messaging displayed around the crocodile’s new display, you can learn about the conservation issues facing crocodiles in the wild as you go on your amazing journey of discovery to Australia’s Kakadu Gorge.

At a Glance

Some of the animals you can see...

  • Saltwater Crocodile

See in the dark!


Discover the weird and wonderful creatures that venture out after dark at our Nightfall habitat. Some of the nocturnal habitats featured in this zone are the ghost bat and yellow-bellied gliders. This section of the zoo is an immerse experience as the animals can be viewed in their ‘day time’!

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Bilbies
  • Ghost Bat

Get up close...

Koala Rooftop

Koala Rooftop is your opportunity to get up close to Australia’s favourite animal. You can choose the koala encounter option to go inside our koala enclosure to meet our fluffy girls and have your photo taken with Australia's most iconic animal. You can also experience WILD Flight – a self-propelled ride where visitors will fly through the attraction’s aviary! After all that hungry work, make sure you settle in to enjoy a delicious lunch from our Outback Adventurers Café.

At a glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Koalas

Search for our platypus pal in...

Platypus Pools

The search is on for our curious and graceful platypus friend at Platypus Pools. Learn some fascinating facts on how these protected mammals lay eggs, their feeding behaviours and what makes these iconic Australian animals incredibly unique. Having trouble finding our platypus friend? Our platypus might be resting amongst the logs and branches in the water. Take a closer look; you might just see that beaver like tail of theirs!

At a glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Platypus