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Volunteering With WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo works closely with TAFE NSW and various Universities within Australia to provide practical experience for those students who are studying to gain entry into the animal care/ zoo industry.


What will put me ahead of the pack when applying for a zoo keeping job?

A certificate and/or a degree in the animal field are desirable and previous zoological industry experience really goes a long way!

At WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, we offer a volunteer program for those currently studying to gain entry into the zoo keeping industry.

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What does a volunteer at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo do?

Volunteers assist the keepers with their day to day routine. Such activities include: the preparation of food and vitamins for the animals, feeding and care of the animals, exhibit maintenance, assisting keepers with preparation for shows and training of the animals plus other day to day tasks as they arise.

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When is the next volunteer intake at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo?

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo has two intakes a year for volunteers studying with TAFE NSW: January and July. University Students are accepted on a case by case basis depending on the number of existing volunteers and placement availability.

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Does WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo take on year 10 work experience students?

We are sorry friends, but generally the answer to this question is 'no'. Our volunteer positions are prioritised for tertiary students who are currently studying at TAFE (Certificate II - Animal Care , Certificate III -Captive Animal Care) as well as University degrees in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience and Agriculture.


Can I volunteer on a weekend?

We only take volunteers on a weekday, i.e. Monday to Friday.

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How do I enquire about a volunteer position at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo?

Simple! Email our Volunteer Coordinator at Please provide a bit of background information about yourself and include your resume to assist with the selection process.