Address: WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

1-5 Wheat Road Darling Harbour

Sydney 2000

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Wild Flight

  • Get amazing aerial views of our kangaroos
  • Fly amongst a vast array of Australian birds
  • Save up to 20% online

WILD Flight is a self-propelled ride where kids and parents alike will experience flight through the attraction's aviary.


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Online Saver: Save Up To 30%

  • Pick a date and time for your visit
  • Save up to 30% off gate prices
  • Prices vary by date and time - cheapest in off peak periods

Our lowest priced general admission ticket, with savings of up to 30% compared to the standard gate prices applicable on the day. With this ticket you'll get to access via the online entrance within your chosen timeslot and then stay in the aquarium for as long as you wish. Same day ticket price is the same as gate price.


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Combo 5 - Best Deal

Special Offer!

  • Just $14.40 per attraction for adults
  • Visit 5 great Sydney attractions with one ticket
  • Select a date and time for your zoo visit only
  • Then you have 30 days to visit the other attractions on the pass

5 Attraction Pass Prices

  Full Price* Online Save Up To**
Adult (16+) $171.50 $72 $99.50
Child^ (4-15) $118 $50 $68

^All children under the age of 16 have to be accompanied by an adult (18+ years). Full T&Cs are available at the bottom of this website. *To see an explanation of how the full prices are calculated please see the FAQ at the bottom of this page. **Online saving calculations are also explained in the FAQ.


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Pick a Date and Time

Online Saver Ticket

  • Pick a date and time for your visit
  • Prices vary by date and time (exact prices are shown in the online ticket store)
  • Save up to 30% off gate price
  • Under 4s enter FREE!
  • Skip the entry line by selecting mobile or print at home when purchasing online!

Online Saver Prices

  Gate Price Online From Save up to
Adult (16+) $42 $29.40 $12.60
Child^ (4-15) $29.50 $20.65 $8.85
NSW Student / Senior* $31.50 $23 $8.50

Price varies depending on the date and time of visit. Maximum savings of 30% off full gate prices. Our online ticket store shows the price by date and time selected. ^All children under the age of 16 have to be accompanied by an adult (18+ years). *Students/Seniors are subject to proof of status. Full T&Cs are available at the bottom of this website.


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Adults From

Soar above the animals!

Admission + WILD Flight Experience

  • WILD Flight is a self-propelled ride for kids and parents alike!
  • Strap yourself into our harness and glide through the trees as you get the best view over the top of the whole zoo!
  • No need to choose your arrival time - just choose your date and we'll book your Flight experience once you've arrived

Single Tickets

  Gate Price Online Save up to
Adult (16+) $55 $45 $10
Child^ (10-15) $43 $34.20 $8.80

^Children 10 years and older are permitted to ride WILD Flight. Children between 10 and 12 years old must be accompanied by a paying adult. Children aged 13 to 17 years old must have signed parental permission. Child riders must fit in the harness and be at least 130cm tall to participate. No riders may exceed the weight limit of 120kg. Full T&Cs are available at the bottom of this website.


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Most Flexible Option

Fully Flexible Ticket

  • No need to pick a date or time
  • Get fast access to the zoo via the online entrance
  • Under 4s enter FREE!
  • To skip the entry queues, select mobile or print at home delivery when purchasing

Flexi Ticket Prices

  Gate Price You Pay Benefits
Adult (16+) $42 $42 Fully Flexible
Child^ (4-15) $29.50 $29.50 Fully Flexible

The Fully Flexi ticket is our most flexible admission ticket, allowing you fast track entry via the online entrance on any day at any time - so no need to commit to a specific day or time! ^All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or over). Full T&Cs are available at the bottom of this website.



Day Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

Day tickets are valid for one entry into the attraction.

Some tickets require you to select a timeslot as well as a date. The timeslots are for entry only - once inside the attraction you can stay as long as you like. We have timeslots to help control how many people are in the attraction at any given time so that we don't get over-crowded and everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Whilst we require guests to enter within their chose timeslot, we do understand that sometimes delays happen. If you arrive after your entry timeslot has passed, please approach the ticket desk and speak to a member of our guest services team.

No, entry before your timeslot is not permitted. If you don't want to commit to a specific timeslot for your visit, we recommend you purchase the Fully Flexible ticket which allows you to enter at any time on any date. The Fully Flexible ticket is great because it gives you entry via the fast track online ticket entrance, but doesn't cost any more than the standard gate price.

No, if you are purchasing a day ticket or multi-attractions pass online, we recommend that you select the 'print@ home' or 'mobile ticket' option which allows you to head straight to the attraction's entrance. No need to queue to collect tickets from our admissions desk! 

Some of our experiences require us to enforce slightly different age restrictions for some of our younger guests. This is mostly due to the operating health and safety obligations we are required by law to comply with. We strive to minimise these variations as much as possible.

By nature the Student/Senior concessions tickets are already discounted and so in some instances we don't offer further discounts online. However, in order to make our attraction as appealing to as many people as possible we do offer additional online concessions discounts for some of our most popular tickets.

Unless otherwise stated all savings shown on this website are the lowest online prices compared to the standard individual entry gate prices. For example, the cheapest adult Online Saver ticket is priced at $28.00. This is a saving of $12.00, or 30%, compared to the standard individual adult gate price of $40. We ensure that there are always some 30% discounted tickets available, but this does not necessarily mean that they are available every day. As with other experiences and activities booked online, such as flights and hotels, the deepest discounts are most often available in off peak periods. Our pricing messages most often reference the lowest 'from' prices or 'up to' savings available.

Tours currently run daily at 10:00am and 3:00pm. A full list of available timeslots and exact numbers of spaces remaining on each tour for your chosen visit date will be shown when purchasing your tickets in the online ticket store. Simply select a timeslot from the list shown and complete your purchase.

Please arrive at the aquarium entrance no later than 20 minutes before your chosen boat trip or tour time.