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Ringo the Baby Wombat

Ringo, our baby bare nosed wombat, is being hand-raised by his keepers here at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. Find out more about him today and book tickets online to see him at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.


There is nothing more Ringo, our baby bare nosed wombat, loves more than a carrot and a scratch!

This boisterous little boy was found as an orphan and adopted by WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and keeper Erin Costello, who has been acting as his surrogate mother. Baby wombats usually spend the first 18 months of life under the protection of their mother, so Ringo has developed a very strong bond with Erin.

Ringo can be found raising havoc at Wallaby Cliffs, though he is often out and about in the Zoo meeting his adoring fans. Being hand-raised means Ringo loves human company!

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Ringo Facts:

Bare-nosed, or common, wombats are found across the coastal regions of south east Australia, although their population has declined significantly. Bare-nosed wombats are herbivorous, living off grass, snow tussocks and other plant materials. They usually forage during the night and are at risk from being hit by cars or attacked by domestic dogs. Their biggest threat is habitat loss.

  • Born August 2013
  • When he was found he was only three months' old and weighed a tiny 900g
  • He will grow to be around 115cm long and weigh up to 36kg

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