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Meet some of our Koalas...

Meet Aaron

Born in February 2011 to dad Bob and mum Samara. Aaron is a very cheeky koala and as a baby, he would stand up to the big boys of the colony but still be very friendly to our little koala joey Bruce. Currently at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, Aaron is starting to bellow a lot which is entertaining for visitors at the Zoo!

Meet Jay

Born in July 2007. "Jay Gatsby" has a high white collar of fur around his neck that makes him look as if he is always in a suit. With this suave pattern of fur, Jay is the "ladies man" of the colony and is the oldest male at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. Jay can often be seen in the foyer exhibit of WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.

Meet Erica

Born 15th April 2005. Erica is one of the quieter koalas at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. She is a very gentle mother to her joey, Euccy, and is also very friendly and confident around people. Her round body and head often mean she is described as being like a bowling ball!

Meet Elle

Born 15th June 2008. Elle is mum to Bruce, the most recent male joey born at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. She is a very devoted mother and takes very good care of her joeys. She can be distinguished by her small, long face and dirty, stained mouth - she's a messy eater!

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