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Grey Kangaroo

See our Eastern grey kangaroos, including Daphanie, in the open-air Kangaroo Walk-About enclosure.

Daphanie grey roo

We have two Eastern grey kangaroos here at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo - Daphanie and Martha who are both four years old.

Though they are best buddies, Daphanie is undoubtedly queen bee at Kangaroo Walkabout and loves to keep the other residents in line. During winter, Daphanie always ensures she has pride of place in front of the enclosure's heater! The pair also love to sunbathe together in the warmer months and will dig out divets in the ground to fit their large hips.

Key Facts:

  • Born 1 October 2010
  • Loves to eat carrot and sweet potato
  • Most active in the afternoon and early morning

As cities along the east coast expand into forests and woodlands, Eastern grey kangaroos are coming into increasing contact with people.

They are found across a broad range of climates from Cape York to Tasmania. The further south you travel, the larger they are and the smaller the extremities (ears and tail).

They spend most of the day under cover of woodlands and forest but come out to graze a few hours before sunset and feed throughout the night, they then return to cover a few hours after sunrise.

If alarmed, they strike the ground with their feet with an almighty 'kathump', which signals to the predator that it has been spotted and to other kangaroos that danger is close by.

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