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Gum Tree Valley

Visit the Gum Tree Valley at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and not only discover the natural habitat of Koalas, but also a huge variety of Birds, Snakes and Lizards.

Nothing says "Australia" like the distinctive eucalyptus smell of gum trees. You can find these amazing trees all along Australia's East Coast, and especially here in New South Wales. Our famous Blue Mountains are named after them because of the bluish haze that come off the gum trees on hot days - and the same oil that makes this haze makes the delicious smell.

Gum tree forests like a cooler and drier environment, and are so thick they make lots of homes for a huge variety of birds including the kookaburra - you might even hear him laughing at you, because you can't fly to the top of the tree like he can! And because gum trees drop lots of leaves and bark the forest floor has lots of places for goannas, lizards and snakes to hide.

But the versatile gum tree is more than just a home - cuddly koalas think they taste delicious too. Koalas (which aren't bears at all - they're marsupials!) can only eat the leaves of special types of gum trees, but because the leaves aren't very nutritious the lucky koala gets to cling to a branch and munch his favourite food all day long.

Meet our resident male koalas who call Gum Tree Valley Home
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Snakes: Australia is home to a huge variety of snakes
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