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WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo's

School Holiday Activities

Get your hands on all things Creepy Crawly


Mini Beasts School Holiday Activities

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Get hands on with all things creepy crawly these October School Holidays! Come and get up close with Giant Millipedes, Rainforest Snails, Scorpions and much more at our interactive hub. You can even try some of our bug-alicous treats if you dare! 

Mini Beasts Activities will be running from 29th September till 14th October. 

Creepy crawly holiday activities include:

  • Bug Story Time on Koala Rooftop - daily at 11:30 am
  • Interactive hub - daily from 12 - 3 pm.
  • Bug Talks on Koala Rooftop - daily at 12:15 pm
  • Kids Activity corner with lots of buggy things to do - open all day!
  • Try a Bug-alicous treat and learn about sustainable eating on Koala Rooftop!

Scurry down quickly, mini beasts is only open until 14th October!


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Discover the Creepy Crawlies Now!

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Do you Dare?

Try our bug-alicious treats these holidays! They could be the future of our food as we know - hear us out!
  1. Insects are extremely nutritious and rich in protein, calcium, potassium and iron (some insects even contain more Omega 3 and 6 than fish!)
  2. There's only a quarter of the calories when comparing to the calories eating beef….I’ll take mine medium rare please!/ which means less time in the gym surely!
  3. Eating insects is considered more sustainable with insect farming approximately 20 times more efficient than traditional livestock farming.
  4. The meal options are endless with over 1,500 edible insect species…think Bee-LT Sandwich, Ant tacos, Caramel cricket cheesecake
  5. Over 2 billion people around the world already eat bugs! (and surely that many people can’t be wrong?!)

So less calories, more nutrition and better for the environment… you heard it here first!

People need to embrace bugs, not fear them! Although at the bottom of the food chain, they really do make the world go round.

So scurry down to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo these holidays and try some bug-alicious treats!


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Meet some of our Minibeasts!



Millipedes are found in temperate and rainforest areas and in Australia they can grow up to 20 cm long!! You may have seen some of these mini beasts in your backyards before, there are a lot of them in Australia. In fact there are around 2000 species in Australia alone! WOW!

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The Giant Rainforest Snail are crazy little mini beasts that can grow up to 70 mm and live for 2 - 6 years! These snails may even beat you in a race... they can travel at crazy speeds of up to 0.05 km/hr... yeah they definitely wouldn't beat you in a race. 

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Flinders Ranges Scorpion


The Flinders Ranges Scorpion is one of Australia's LARGEST scorpion species! And guess what? They have 6 to 12 eyes! Now that's a mini beast! Scorpions found in countries like northern Africa, the Middle East, India, Mexico and parts of South America can be deadly. Fortunately none of these lethal species occur in Australia. Yay!

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In partnership with Minibeast Wildlife

Thanks to our friends at Minibeast Wildlife for their support with Minibeast School Holiday activities!

Minibeast Wildlife  are the Minibeast experts. Minibeast Wildlife is owned and operated by experienced Australian wildlife keepers and educators who help bring the world of minibeasts to you!

Check out their awesome app Spidentify! The app that helps you identify any spider you come across. 

If you would like minibeast pets of your own check out the fantastic range in Minibeast Wildlife’s online Bugshop

Minibeast Wildlife

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