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WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

1-5 Wheat Road Darling Harbour

Sydney 2000

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Thursdays - Mondays, 10am - 4pm (Last entry 3pm)
Wildlife Sydney

The Joey Diaries

Follow the adventures of WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo's Joeys

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is home to lots of adorable Koala joeys. Read all about their adventures, right here. 

Everyone, meet Kalina!

Our adorable new koala joey Kalina, was born on November 12 2018. Her unique name was chosen by our Keepers and is an Australian Aboriginal name with the meaning "to love". Kalina is currently spending time with her mum in Gumtree Valley. 
Make sure to come and visit our newest addition!


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Jonah the koala joey

We'll call him Jonah!


Early this month, the daily Telegraph put it to their followers to pick a name for our adorable newest koala joey. After lots of enthusiastic koala lovers put in their votes for names like Pebble, Holly, Archie and even Chewbacker, the team here at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo picked Jonah. 

Fun fact: Jonah is named with the same first letter as his Dad Jarra

Come along to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and meet Jonah while he is still small! 


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new joey emerges

A new Joey emerges!


Our Scarlet and Buddy have started to get a little big! But lucky we have had a new joey emerge! A few months ago one of our adult koalas gave birth to a new koala joey! And just like all koalas, he was born the size of a jellybean! After around 6 months inside his mother's pouch our newest addition has emerged and he is adorable! 

Fun Fact: Koala joeys are born totally hairless.

Come along to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and try and spot our newest baby in the trees! 


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Buddy turns one

Buddy Turns One!


Scarlet's older koala pal, Buddy turned one this month! Buddy enjoyed his day and loved his little present - a bouquet of gum leaves! YUM! We think Scarlet might have even been a little jealous. 

Read the full story here:


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Scarlet with Gum leaf

Scarlet Smiles with a Gum Leaf!


Fun fact: Koala joeys do not immediately begin eating gum leaves after leaving the pouch. For the first 20 to 30 weeks after popping their heads up, Koala joeys eat a substance called 'pap'. Pap is a type of poo that the mummy koala produces to allow the joey to properly digest eucalyptus leaves when it grows up! 

Our little Scarlet has started to eat gum leaves regularly now and doesn't she look happy doing it!

Love reading about our little Scarlet? Why not share a meal with her. Book a Koala Breakfast NOW!


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Koala joey

The Joey's first meal together!


Early this morning our eldest Koala joey, Buddy was being very active and friendly. He decided to climb down his tree and join our youngest joey Scarlet for a leafy meal together. However, Scarlet's mum Sammy was not looking too happy about it. I mean, she did have to carry the weight of two very adorable, by not so light koala joeys on her tummy.   

Fun fact: Koalas are mainly solitary animals in the wild and prefer to not live as a family.

Come along to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and meet our Joey's before they get too big!


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Scarlet on the scales

Her first time on the Scales


Scarlet is growing so fast, it was time for her first weighing today. Scarlet sat on the scales as the keepers did a general health check up and weighing, to make sure everything was all good. Our scales are shaped like a tree branch to make the koalas feel as comfortable as possible when going through this process. Luckily Scarlet is in perfect health and after her first time on the scales she quickly snuggled right back into her favourite patch of fur on her mummy’s tummy. So cute!

Fun fact: The average fully grown koalas weighs between 5 - 10 kg. Southern koalas tend to weigh more than Northern koalas. Animals in cooler areas tend to be bigger than those in hotter areas.

Take photos with Scarlet when you visit WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo with the Koala encounter experience!



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Scarlet celebrated at her gender reveal party

It's... a girl!


 An exciting day for the newest member of the WILD LIFE family! Scarlet’s gender was revealed to keepers and guests. Surprise.. It’s a girl! Scarlet loved the attention and the special treats she got! After her big day, Scarlet was exhausted and cuddled up in her mother’s pouch again, falling quickly asleep.

Fun fact: Koalas need to sleep between 18 - 20 hours a day!


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Her First Head Pop Up

Her First Head Pop Up


All the keepers here at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo swarmed to see the cutest joey in Sydney when Scarlet first popped her head out of Sammy’s pouch on early this August.

Fun fact: When Joeys are around 6 months old, it’s mother will produce a substance called pap that the joey will eat to help it’s tummy digest eucalyptus.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with Scarlet.


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The Birth of Scarlet

The Birth of Scarlet


Early January this year, our newest Koala Joey, Scarlet was born and was about the size of a jellybean, weighing less than one gram! Being the size of a jellybean, Scarlet wasn’t anywhere near ready to take on the big outside world, filled with other Koalas, so she stayed inside her mother, Sammy’s pouch. This is where she remained, cuddled up, attached to her mum’s teat for several months, until she was big enough to peek her head out and take on the world at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.  

Fun fact: Koala joeys remain in their mother’s pouches for around 6 months!

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Come along to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and meet Scarlet and her Family!



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